Mystery Mushroom Pin Blind Bag
Mystery Mushroom Pin Blind Bag

Mystery Mushroom Pin Blind Bag

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Each mystery blind bag contains one mushroom pin! They are completely random and I do not know what is in each one, please do not ask for a specific one as it's a mystery! The green mushroom glows in the dark! Chances of each color are as follows:

Red - 37%

Orange - 25%

Yellow - 22%

Green (glow in the dark) - 16%

♡ Hard enamel with gold-colored metal.

♡ The pin measures 1in (2.54 cm), and is designed with two pins on the back to stop from spinning. It's fitted with soft rubber pinbacks, which are both more comfortable, and more long-lasting than the old-fashioned metal backers.

♡ Sugar Lich is stamped on the back.

Pins are handmade items and can vary from unit to unit. Very few pins are perfect, but these are close. These are pins that have some very minor faults to them. Some of these minor faults include...

♡ small, but noticeable, air bubbles
♡ minor uneven enamel filling, dips in the enamel
♡ some light imperfections in the metal plating
♡ surface scuffing or light scratches on the enamel or metal
♡ nicks on the enamel or metal
♡ small noticeable areas of missing plating on sides of pin
♡ minor specks on the surface of the enamel or inside epoxy
♡ minor, but noticeable, offset in screen printing

I test and polish all A Grade pins to ensure that they conform to the artwork and specifications of my design.

These pins are sold at full price and make nice gifts or additions to a collection. They are beautiful and are great for wear or display purposes.