Artist Alley Portfolio

Here are samples of the merchandise I sell at artist alley tables. Sugar Lich is a mindfully made art and lifestyle brand centered around a love for all things cottagecore, women, and the forest! Sugar Lich is dedicated to empowering women, inclusivity, and encompassing the beauty of nature. I sell stickers, prints, buttons, enamel pins, apparel, and more that reflect these values. 
Although my artwork includes tasteful nudity, products that contain such will be censored for shows I attend.


I embroider sun hats and berets in house. I also sell crewnecks, socks, and embroidered shorts. 


Decals are made with high quality weatherproof white matte sticker paper. 




I have a variety of prints featuring original designs and fanart. Prints are 5 x 7 inches and 7 x 7 inches, and are printed on high quality cardstock.



I sell a range of original art as enamel pins, mostly nature themed. Pins are all approximately 1.5" 


I sell a wide variety of hand pressed button designs. Designs include original and fan art. They are sold both individual to mix and match, as well as in prepackaged button packs.


I also sell home embroidered patches, stationery, handcrafted magnets, jewelry, and phone grips. 


This is an example of my table setup. I strive to make my table the best it can be, so displays may change. This image will be updated frequently to reflect the current table layout.*

*First image is from ConNooga February 2020, while second picture more accurately depicts my current table setup. Updated pictures will be added once conventions resume.