Enamel Pin Blind Bags!

Enamel Pin Blind Bags!

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Can't decide which pins to choose? Not picky about receiving A grade pins? Look no further!

Each blind bag contains 3 unique seconds pins.

While each bag does not contain duplicates, I cannot guarantee that if you buy multiple bags there won't be duplicates. Each bag is heat sealed and only you can discover what's inside!

All currently available enamel pins are possibilities.

These pins (known as seconds pins) have noticeable flaws, some more minor or major than others. Some of the flaws that would qualify a pin as a Seconds grade include...

♡noticeable or multiple areas of under filled enamel
♡small areas of wrong color dripped in the enamel
♡sizable dents, scratches, or scuffs in metal or enamel
♡Scratches in screen-printed details.
♡Noticeable black marks or dusts
♡multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating
♡multiple air bubbles in the enamel
♡missing enamel on a small portion of the pin
♡noticeable off-set screen printing
♡enamel staining on sides or back of pin
♡overfilled enamel that floods some metal lines
♡some missing plating on rainbow metal pins
♡noticeable amounts of dust in multiple areas
♡small gouges or marks on enamel
♡large areas of imperfection of the metal on the sides of the pin
♡large areas of plating missing on back of pin

A seconds grade pin might not be as nice as a Standard Grade, but it is still highly wearable and can make a good additional to a collection if the imperfections noted above are not bothersome to a collector.