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A+: Item is in perfect condition. Item may have been a test embroidery for a new design, which may mean it ended up slightly different then what the design became (Thread colors may be different, design slightly different, etc.)

B+/B/B-: Small, barely noticeable holes from scissors/pins, or small staining. Slight embroidery flaws like shifted objects, gaps in embroidery design.

C+/C/C-: Major embroidery flaws, larger holes, more noticeable stains, large gaps in embroidery design.

D: Item was unfinished, majorly ripped, goofed, or may have serious design flaws and changes. Very large design distortion.

Please check the corresponding number on the berets when there are multiple of the same design. This will help you match up the close up of the issues!

Please take a good look at the pictures, this will be the exact item you receive! So make sure to zoom in, look it over, and examine the flaws of these seconds items!

No refunds or exchanges on seconds items; everything is sold as is. If you have any questions or need close up photos of a particular item please send us an email!